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Domestic Violence

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence includes any type of physical, emotional, sexual or financial abuse. It can be perpetrated by your partner, any family member (natal or matrimonial), or a combination thereof.

Recognising Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can take many forms, including physical, emotional, sexual and financial abuse.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is the most recognisable form of abuse. Perpetrators often use physical force, their body or other objects to injure the girl or woman. It does not always leave visible marks or scars. Do not underestimate or ignore what is happening to you, because, over time, the violence usually gets worse.


Emotional Abuse

Many women experience domestic violence without ever being physically abused. If you change or adjust your behaviour because you are frightened of how your partner/ other family members will react, you are being abused. Emotional abuse is an attack on your personality rather than your body.


Sexual Abuse

Your partner should not use force or threaten you to have sex. He should not make you perform sexual acts that make you uncomfortable. He should not criticise your performance. If he does any of the above, he is using sex to assert his authority and control over you.


Financial Abuse

One of the most powerful ways a man can control his partner is through financial abuse. There are many different forms of financial abuse, but it might include things like your partner taking your money, stopping you from working or placing all the bills or debts in your name. If you feel that your partner is limiting your financial independence, you are experiencing financial abuse.