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POSH Training & Workshops

Sexual Harassment Awareness Training

Preventing harassment in the workplace is one of the most pressing compliance training initiatives for all organizations. Sexual harassment training is mandated in all states in India and is essential to building a safe working environment. Regular workplace harassment training educates employees and raises awareness about harassment one of the most common forms of employee misconduct and helps build a respectful workplace.

WaSH Workplace AGAINST Sexual Harassment

Our WaSH courses are designed in line with The sexual harassment of women at the workplace act-2013 and covers all provisions mentioned in the law to increase employees awareness of what type of conduct is considered sexual harassment and to help management assist any employee who feels he or she is being sexually harassed.

Under WaSH we have different training modules for different audience, as different positions within the organization require different levels of anti-harassment training.

Few of our programs are:- (Click on link for program outline)

  • Workshop for Internal Complaint Committee members and HODs
  • Awareness session on POSH for female employees
  • Awareness session for male employees


We deliver our trainings in simple and easy to understand language, and include role-plays and Case studies for better understanding of the concept.

All the above programs will soon be available in e-learning modules called WaSH- Online, WS online (Workplace AGAINST Sexual Harassment) is one of the most comprehensive online training programs designed in partnership with ValueWorx Consultants.

These programs are designed and delivered keeping in mind the Indian corporate culture and governing laws.

WaSH online program covers the subject of sexual harassment in line with the provisions mentioned in the prevention of sexual harassment law of Govt. of India. Under WaSH we have different training modules for different audience as different positions within the organization require different levels of anti-harassment training, our online courses have been developed to meet the needs of

  • Employees ( Male and Famale seperately)
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • ICC members /Head HR/ Head- legal


Our online training programs are in full compliance with the Govt. of India The Sexual harassment of the women at the workplace- Prevention, Prohibition and redressal act-2013. WaSH programs are ready to launch, simple to manage, and meet the needs of the hour. WaSH delivers automated, end-to-end management of your entire sexual harassment training initiative – without the expense and hassle of engaging your organization’s IT resources. Our Learning Management System (LMS) gives you the ability to easily manage course registration, electronically notify and remind employees of their training obligations, track individual course progress, record policy acceptance and document course completion.

All modules comes with additional reading material for better understanding of the concept, ICC modules also has forms and formats required for conducting investigation and filing reports as mandated by law. Do view a demo version, please feel free to drop an email.

For more information about Aware classroom as well as e-module programs, kindly email us on support@worksafefoundation.org

or you can call us on: 9540141011