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School Safety Initiative

Let’s get serious about school safety

Nearly 20 years separate the horrible tragedies at Columbine High School in Colorado and Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

In that time, too little has been done to make our schools safer. That’s why our grieving nation is again searching for a solution.

If America is ready to get serious about school safety, we need to focus on a range of pressing issues—including mental health, family breakdown, culture, media, and more.

Our children and grandchildren deserve to be safe at school. We can’t allow another tragedy to occur.

It’s time to set aside political agendas and get serious about school safety.

Serious Solutions to Keep Our Schools Safe

  1. Improve school security with measures tailored to schools’ needs and resources, such as door barricades, bulletproof glass, door locks, safe rooms, armed resource officers, and on-site law enforcement.
  2. Advance innovative community programs like Behavioral Intervention Teams that identify and address bullying and other forms of conflict before they turn violent.
  3. Allow schools to determine how to best use resources to pursue mental health policies that meet local school needs, better serve students and engage parents.
  4. Support the role of families, churches, and other community institutions in nurturing thriving children and adolescents.
  5. Ensure Americans can defend themselves from violence by respecting the right to bear arms, enabling qualified and specially trained teachers or staff to protect students, and reconsidering ineffective gun-free zones.

A Serious Conversation on School Safety Addresses:

School Security

  • There are many security options that have been employed in some schools and countries across the world, including armed guards, improved locks and cameras, magnetometers, concealed carry, or on-site police substations.
  • We have an incredibly diverse range of nearly 100,000 public schools across the country, each with their own needs and challenges.
  • Decisions about school security should be determined by states and local entities, to make sure solutions are tailored to each school that needs them.


Community Involvement

  • Programs like Violence-Free Zone initiative of The Woodson Center and Operation CeaseFire have made significant progress in addressing student and youth violence.
  • Innovative solutions like these can be tailored to each community’s needs and focus resources on the roots of violence.



  • Lawmakers should not rush to create new laws that violate constitutional rights while ignoring the real root causes of complex societal problems that deserve attention.
  • Far from being the source of violence, guns are often the solutions. Communities with right-to-carry laws often see a decline in murder rates and violent crimes as gun owners deter and defend against these threats.
  • New laws will not keep guns from criminals any more than current ones have; they will only make it more difficult for law-abiding people to protect their homes and families.


Mental Health

  • States need to reevaluate whether their current strategies are adequately serving the needs of the mentally ill.
  • The federal government has a weak track record on mental health programs. States should be primarily responsible for determining mental health services.
  • Both federal and state governments need to ensure their laws concerning information sharing give those responsible for protecting schoolchildren the information they need to respond to serious risks of violence.


Culture and Family

  • Family plays an essential role in developing thriving children and adolescents, and its role must be respected in policy and supported in communities. Unfortunately, more and more children are experiencing disruptions in what ought to be their most secure environment.
  • Civil society institutions, like churches and support groups, play a critical role in building and maintaining safe and thriving communities.
  • Individuals, families, communities, and corporations need to make responsible choices regarding violence in media production and consumption.


We hope that it will enable us to work together to make schools a safe place where children can learn and grow and become responsible citizens of tomorrow. Children are our most important resource and ensuring that they are safe and secure in schools across our country is most important. A safe school builds a culture of safety with awareness and vigilance along with sensitivity of issues involved.

WORK SAFE FOUNDATION HELPS TO GET SOLUTION AND PREVENTION TO MINIMISE EVEN DIMINISH THE CHANCES OF ANY MISHAPPENING WITH OUR CHILDREN IN SCHOOL. It is very saddening when there are media reports about child sexual abuse by school associated staff. A school associated staff occupies a position of trust and plays a very important role in moulding a child’s development. Hence, when child sexual abuse (CSA) is committed by a school associated staff, it completely shatters the child, both emotionally and physically. So, while physical scars heal over a period of time, the emotional scars are carried for life, as it is a complete betrayal of trust reposed by an innocent trusting child. Schools need to be vigilant and adopt a zero tolerance policy towards CSA.

Work Safe Objectives for Children Safety and Security

  • To provide relevant information collated from various existing guidelines on the Safety and Security of Children in Schools.
  • To inform and equip relevant stakeholders in monitoring the measures of school safety and security, so as to ensure the Safe and Secure environment for the children in schools.
  • To facilitate awareness generation and building capacities of relevant stakeholders i.e. school management, teachers, staff and other personnel, SMC/PTA and students on safety and security of children in school.
  • To highlight the roles and responsibilities of teachers and other school staff of the school ensuring safety .


Work Safe Assessment Covers Following Aspects

  • Infrastructure
  • Physical Safety
  • Health and Hygine
  • Emotional and Personal Safety
  • Psycho Social Aspects
  • Social Safety
  • Roles And Resposibilities Of Teachers
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Deals With Cyber Safety
  • Monitoring

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